Our services

Demolition work

With demolition and dismantling, we create space for your new ideas. We carry out demolitions of complex and less complex residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings and structures.
Our focus is on precision, completing the work within the client’s timeframes and delivering a high quality service.
With a large fleet of vehicles, we ensure the removal of waste building and other materials. With our own heavy construction machinery, years of experience in complex demolition work and experienced staff, no challenge is too difficult for us.

Grinding of construction waste

Our company is also striving for a more environmentally friendly way of working. We understand the importance of recycling and reusing waste materials.
When removing waste building and other materials from the demolition site, we ensure that materials such as reinforced concrete or wood are ground with our own crushers and reused, and we also ensure that hazardous materials containing asbestos are disposed of and handled properly.

Preparation of building plots

Amonikaden Ltd. is the right choice for the preparation of your building site.
We carry out the basic preparatory work required before construction can begin, such as removing disturbing trees, rocks, backfilling cuttings, levelling the ground, removing topsoil and spreading gravel.

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