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Amonikaden d.o.o.’s team of employees has many years of experience in demolition of very complex buildings and other construction works.
They trust us:
(Tezno, Murska Sobota) Demolition of entire buildings
(Ceršak) Demolition of masonry chimney and other metal chimneys
(München, Nemčija) Demolition of the boiler room and hardware
(v območju Taluma) Demolition of decanters
(Hotel Histrion, Portorož) Dismantling of all interior equipment and installations as well as demolition and masonry work​
(Celje) demolition work on the old dairy
(Kidričevo) Demolition of the entire electrolysis
(Hrastnik) Demolition of chimney and melting furnaces for glass
(Murska Sobota) Demolition of boiler rooms and dismantling of other machinery
(Maribor) Internal demolition and dismantling of hardware and installations
(Lipica) dismantling of all interior equipment and installations and demolition
Demolition of the water tower and filter machine rooms
SIJ Acroni d.o.o.
(Mercator center Koper) demolition of the garage building
(Kidričevo) Landscaping (excavation/embankment) and construction work for storage areas


Removal of the bridge lift


Demolition of brick chimneys

Davčni urad

(Cafova ulica, Maribor)
Demolition of the entire building
of the former tax office

Trasa avtoceste

(Podlehnik - Gruškovje)
Demolition of buildings on the old road
and buildings along the road


(Blinds) Demolition of PE Kovis

Betonarna Konstruktor

Total demolition

Opekarna Ljubečna

Demolition of brick factory buildings and
recycling of construction waste

Commercial residential building

(Partizanska cesta 51, Maribor)
Demolition of a commercial and residential building

Apartment blocks

Delavska ulica Kranj

Hotel Bohinj

(Bohinjsko jezero)
dismantling of all interior equipment and installations and demolition

Arvedi železarna

Ship lift on pier

Stara železarna Trst

Demolition of the power plant, furnace, cutting of wagons for the transport of melt, demolition of other buildings and casting lines

piščančja farma Starošince

demolition of buildings, recycling, removal of asbestos roofing, excavation, embankment and consolidation of the terrain

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